Thursday, November 7, 2013

O. Litwin – October 12, 2013 

I had mentioned that the UOCC and the American (EP) Church have been proclaiming that they want the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine to unite and form one Orthodox Church of Ukraine and that the diaspora must be patient and wait for such an outcome. Even as far back as 1996, the Orthodox Bishops of Canada and the U.S issued a joint, heartfelt declaration of such a wish for unity. They were, perhaps unaware that the EP had just explained in his 1995 Protocol to the ROC, how he had out-manoeuvred the "dim-witted" autocephalists (Metropolitan Ilarion had earlier written that the UOCC was an autocephal-self-governing Church).

This idea for unity was also propagated and re-iterated at UOCC Sobors. But the whole story behind this public subterfuge was being with-held -- that it was a UNITY UNDER MOSCOW that was the aim of the heartfelt hierarchs' message. So the public announcements that were always just short of the entire story and played on the hierarchs' deliberate ambiguity on the meaning of the word "independent" helped carry the ruse for decades. What they really meant was, they wanted the diaspora to wait until Moscow and the EP could take over the Orthodox churches of Ukraine under the omophor of the ROC. Then the Orthodox Churches in Canada and the U.S., that are in cahoots, would have a real and unified influence in the politics of America!

Even when the UOC(MP) announced that it was recognizing the Holodomor as a contrived political event, (as opposed to the ROC(MP) that had recognized the Holodomor as a weather-based event), the jointly calculated and deceiving announcements of the hierarchs were upheld. This was proven by the U.S. (EP) Church when it refused to commemorate the Holodomor with the KP Church. This was a result of the order dispatched from Moscow to the EP that the commemoration of the Holodomor had to be disrupted and that the fake joint Kanonicity had to be upheld at all costs, trumping the Holodomor. The EP diaspora churches had to fall in line with this interpretation of Kanonicity, in which the foreign policy of Russia took precedence over the legitimate desire of diaspora Ukrainians that this painful event be jointly commemorated by all Orthodox Ukrainians.

The diaspora hierarchs (in the U.S.) had abandoned their responsibility to the victims of the Holodomor by calculating that the fake Kanonicity with Moscow would take precedence over the joint Commemorative Holodomor Service. But they had earlier, already agreed, that they would go along with the EP, denying the rights for an independent church for Ukraine (free of Moscow), so this was just one more step on the path in the direction that they had chosen to take. This was confirmed by the EP's recent "Messsage" to the devout Ukrainians -- that they should submit to the state (Moscow) and the competent rulers there.

Of course, the hierarchs will claim that this is an over-simplification of the process and that they had already taken all this into account right from the start, when they signed up pfor the MP/EP omophor (ONENESS). And if that is the case, then we should soon be hearing from the hierarchs. Which side do they support on the Association with Europe? Kyryl has already announced his concern for the EP -- that Europe should be careful not to abandon the EP. If the Ukrainian hierarchs announce their support for association, they would be abandoning the EP and Kyryl. If they do not waver in their established principles, one can predict, that for the sake of the fake Kanonicity, the diaspora hierarchs will abandon Europe, as they have abandoned the Holodomor and the independence of Ukraine (while waiting for the MP to take over in Ukraine).

O. Litwin

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