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Українські церкви 2014-го

Про два типи православ’я: християнський і язичницько-геополітичний

26 грудня, 2014 - 10:40

Monday, June 16, 2014

From: Cataloguer  June 16, 2014

Dear All,

For 24 years, since 1990, the UOCC had been sitting on the fence in satisfaction, as the EP continued with his destructive policies on religion in Ukraine. He was the one most reponsible for legitimizing the transfer of the Ukrainian legacy of St. Volodymyr to Moscow in his public announcements. Suddenly the ROC decided it didn't need Bart at the latest celebrations and disinvited him from participation even though he deserved the most credit. Why share the limelight?

Bart then announced that he was no longer the first among equals but was at the top of the heap and was heading to Jerusalem for discussions with Pope Francis to demonstrate his remaining clout to Kyryl (while also sending a delegation to Moscow to participate in the celebrations on the occasion of the Feast Day of St. Cyril). But he had forgotten he still had the albatross of the Ukrainian Medal of Freedom 'round his neck.

Yanukovych was desperate in the days before his helicopter escape (a common jail-escape procedure in Quebec :-) He needed support from his old buddies in Constantinople. Did they know that Yanuks had grabbed  $ 100 billion from Ukraine in his years as commander? (that is the figure being tossed about). Yanuks offered an award to the KP but this was refused. He knew Bart was an easy mark and tried the same ploy in Constantinople. To his surprise, his proffered  "Medal of Freedom" was accepted.

Ukrainians had already suffered many indignities from Constantinople since 1686 but this ironic "Medal of Freedom" from a president that was in the pocket of Putin was the icing on the cake. Bart could not have been conscious when accepting this medal since he was not aware that he would be contributing to the problem of the destruction of human dignity and freedom in Ukraine by supporting this dictator.

But religions have other ways to determine supreme value than through dignity. Christianity emphasizes love and redemption through Christ ("Society finds common ground upholding human dignity" by Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun, C5 June 14, 2014). Harvard political philosopher Michael Rosen argues that society has to legally allow other people to act undignified as long as it doesn't directly infringe others' rights.

Did Bart act undignified and did his actions infringe on the rights of Ukrainian Orthodox in accepting the medal from Yanukovych (now wanted for murder) or was he emphasizing the need for more love and a redemption for Yanuks?