Thursday, November 7, 2013

O. Litwin – October 14, 2013 

Dear All,

The BRUOC members should be aware that the declaration of the UOC(MP) in support of the Association with Europe and the silence of the UOCC on this issue, is a silence that is making a very loud statement, that the UOCC does not and cannot support the UOC (MP) on ANY ISSUE that is against Kanonical Moscow. The UOCC's involvement in the translation of the EP's book, indicated to Moscow, that the UOCC is on board with Putin in his Anti-European Union that is trying to drag in Ukraine. The UOC(MP) decision and its necessary rejection by the UOCC, has exposed the backside of the UOCC. The statement that the UOCC supports the unification of the Orthodox Churches in Ukraine has now been exposed as fiction and an impossibility for UOCC acceptance. The statement that has been masquerading for the members, as being in support of the unity of the Churches, is an impossibility, unless approved by Moscow.

Not only that, but significantly also, the symbolic gesture of the Holodomor statuette given to the EP, has been exposed as a crass photo-opportunity of the UOCC for the benefit of fooling its members, because officially, the UOCC knows and has accepted the fact that it must continue to tow the false Kanonical line that the Holodomor was a weather-based event. So this is the second time that the UOCC has been exposed (to the UOC-MP) in the hypocrisy of its continued membership in the false Kanonical group (the UOC-MP had earlier recognized the Holodomor as genocide).

In rejecting the values of its own 1929 Canadian Charter, the values of the European Association Agreement and the Holodomor as genocide, the UOCC has thrice rejected the values of the Ukrainian Orthodox diaspora and their Church. This detrimental stance of the UOCC elites, that is putting at risk the righteous cause of Ukraine, in the current situation of precarious political imbalance in the affairs of Ukraine, is an outrageous stance that must be condemned by all its members and the Ukrainian World Congress. The UOCC cannot continue being a hypocritical member in this body as it remains in cahoots with the foreign policy of Moscow. 

The continued, official silence of the UOCC on the decision made by the UOC(MP) on Europe is as loud (and a parallel) to the decision that was made to shun the UOC(KP) in Canada. The UOCC has thus rejected the decision of all three Orthodox Churches of Ukraine (on the Association) and can no longer claim to be in line with the Sobor Resolution in support of a unified policy for Ukraine and its Churches. The "Provid" is thus against Canada, against Europe, against Ukraine, against the Sobor Resolution, and is finally against itself in its $800,000 (potentially) court case. It is time for someone to call the UOCC on the carpet and expose the masquerading Consistory and its elites. 

For unknown reasons, the Eastern Eparchy remains without a functioning, official Bishop. The UOCC has not addressed seriously or in a timely manner, the outstanding issue of why the title of the Bishop has not been assigned. Any member of the Eastern Eparchy can ask this question be answered by the court. History can takes sides if it is given a nudge. This is the "deterrent" that can stop the suicidal march of the UOCC to the Kremlin, as advised by the EP. The dismantling of the UOCC is assured under the uncompromising, religio-political culture of Moscow. Is BRUOC willing to stop this march? 

O. Litwin – October 14, 2013 

Dear All,

Please spread the news as widely as possible. We need to get moving on this before November 25th, 2013. If the UOCC is asked (in court) to clarify its stance on the Charter (Canonicity), why it is not abiding by its 1990 Agreement (and naming the bishop), how can it possibly support the Sobor Resolution without guidance from Moscow, etc., this may postpone the NW court case for another day for a future resolution, saving the UOCC $ in court costs. BRUOC is the only group that has the guts to do this.

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